Biography –

I grew up between London and Wiltshire, and learnt to cook from my mother, who has a love for traditional English cuisine.  Delia Smith’s How to Cook Everything was our kitchen bible, with its wide range of classic recipes from Victoria Sponge Cake to advice for the perfect Christmas Dinner.  During my late teens, I developed an interested for the science of food, nutrition, and how it affects our bodies, as well as in a wider range of foods from all over the world.  I believe in moderation, not deprivation, so the more varied the dishes I make and discover the better. I have an insatiable curiosity for new flavours and food combinations, and often host dinner parties at home so I can share the foods I love with the people I love.  Though I admire Michelin chefs, I identify more with the style of those such as Jamie Oliver, and am heavily influenced by Provencal cuisine. I would like to draw attention to the South of France and its cuisine since it is so important to me, and I also aim to highlight the importance and presence of food in many aspects of our lives, from world cultures to film to fashion.

With the help of Roger Frampton, and his expert team at Re-Model-Me.com, here you will find the recipes and fitness advice to get you looking and feeling great inside and out.

EmmaMcQuiston.com –

A place for those who love to cook.  My passion is food that looks good, tastes good and is good for you.  Here is where I share what I make, what I taste, and all things that make you go mmmmmm ;-)


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“I like getting people to train in a style they’ve never experienced before… each & every session different instead of the same old boring routine”

Roger Frampton, Director of Re-Model-Me



Nominated for the 2012 Cosmo Blog Awards :-)

( I previously used the name Emma McQueen and EmmaMcQueen.com but this is my primary blog now, with my actual name, Emma McQuiston)